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Knowing that all their family or loved ones will ever have to do is make one phone call, more and more families are experiencing the profound sense of security and peace of mind that comes from the purchase of their Trident Society PreNeed Plan.

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Your Trident Society PreNeed Plan protects you anywhere in the Continental United States or traveling anywhere in the World.

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Monies from your Trident Society PreNeed Plan are placed in a State-Monitored, Guaranteed Trust Fund which protects you from inflation or future price increases.

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Serving Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange and San Diego Counties

Ron Mead 

Advance-Planning Counselor

Whether by phone, on-line or in person I would love to share with you the tremendous wisdom of advance-planning in a brief 15 minute (I promise!) no obligation consultation.

Cell:     949-315-0657

Email: info@tridentplan.com

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"This made everything so easy"

"It's given me total peace of mind"

"Best thing I've ever done!"

"I wish we would have listened to you and Linda"

"I did my research"

"They held my friend's body hostage..."

"Ron made this very pleasant and reassuring...."


To Whom It May Concern

Making final arrangements is a task that most of us dread and consequently delay or ignore. However, Ron Mead, a representative of the Trident Society helped us to prepare arrangements that were tailored to our specific needs. He was extremely patient and empathetic as he took whatever time we needed to reach a decision about utilizing Trident's services. He answered any questions that we posed and encouraged us to check other company's services and prices before making our decision. Now that our arrangements are in place with the Trident Society we feel a sense of peace knowing that our wishes will be fulfilled at some future date.

James and Janet K.

To Whom It May Concern

I would like to share my experience with Ron Mead from the Trident Society. I recently purchased a cremation service plan after considering it for some time. When I met with Ron I was expecting the usual "hard sell" sales pitch. I was pleasantly surprised. Ron has a very straightforward, informational style and a friendly demeanor. He answered all my questions and conveyed a genuine desire to provide the best service possible for my needs. He was very thorough and followed up with a phone call later to make sure I was happy with my decision. I have recommended him to several friends and appreciate his low-key friendly manner.


Sheryl M.

To Whom It May Concern

Your representative, Ron Mead is indeed a credit to your company. His on-time professionalism, careful organization and thorough knowledge of materials were presented to my husband Norm and I with both skill and enthusiasm. At no time in the presentation did we feel coerced into signing the contract. We have truly been impressed by your product and even feel comfortable sharing the information with our friends as the opportunity presents itself.


 Norm and Alison R.

To Whom It May Concern

Advanced-Planning Consultant Ron Mead visited my home in response to my request for information about the Trident Society's services. He arrived at the appointed time and spent nearly 3 hours responding to my questions and concerns about the services available. He was very well informed and able to express the benefits offered in all the areas of concern to me. As a result, I signed and paid for my Trident Society PreNeed Plan which will be of great value to my family at my passing.


Lt. Col. Wallace "Buzz" E. (ret.)

To Whom It May Concern

I am a retired physician having practiced geriatrics for 22 years in Orange County, CA. The Trident Society is a friendly, professional organization and I highly recommend their pre-need cremation plan as they will take care of you anywhere in the world.


Dean W. M.D.

To Whom It May Concern

I received an invitation in the mail for information on the Trident Society. I was hesitant to call in fear that I would be pressured into buying something I wasn't ready to buy. I made an appointment and Ron Mead came out to our home. He was patient and explained everything we needed to know regarding our pre-arrangement needs. There was no pressure at all to purchase anything. We ended up purchasing (3) plans for me, my husband and my mom. We are very pleased and relieved that all this is taken care of. 

Thank you Ron!!

Paula T.